What an amazing day. The support for people with disabilities in Europe is amazing.
We decided to take a hop on/hop off bus. Our first and only stop was the Acropolis. The bus is a good deal and a great way to get around.
We got to the Acropolis and there was a huge line. My sister was not feeling well, it was hot, and Anna hates to stand or walk. The tickets are 21 Euros for each person.
Well, being me, a person who always tries to find the easy way or to avoid lines, I started exploring. I knew there was a lift for people with disabilities, because I read about it in a travel book, by Al Lockwood (author), Sunny Lockwood (author). Look them up, they have great books on travel, and she even wrote a couple fiction books about travel.
I found the exit, and took the girls over there, while my sister stood in line. I asked the man at the exit gate, if there was a shorter line or a way to buy tickets without making the girls stand in the long line. I told him I did not want free tickets, just a shorter line. He told me he didn’t know, but the girls could sit there in the shade until we got the tickets.
I went back to the line and soon one of my daughters came running over and said someone wanted to talk to me. I went back to the gate and the head man was there. He wanted to give us all free entry and told us to take the lift back down if the girls could not do the stairs. He did not want them to be uncomfortable by the long wait for tickets. I tried to pay him, but he would not take any money. What a gift we had that day.
Up and up we went and their it stood. The Parthenon. It’s always so amazing to live the Bible.

Lisa danced for our video and we continued to explore.

The tip for disabled travelers is to take the lift. It fits a couple people and goes straight down. There are stairs at the end, but the very, nice  young man helped the girls. I am not sure how they do wheelchairs but www.sagetraveling.com has a good article on this.
My sister had to go back to the ship, so the girls and I continued on to the tourist shopping area. The shop keepers were so loving to the girls. One lady had to give them all hugs and a man gave Lisa a $6 discount on a hat that she bought for her boyfriend.
I had no idea how to get back to the ship. But the Lord led us straight to the bus stop. Not sure how, but I guess he directed my steps. I went to the wrong side of the street. Each bus stop for the hop on/hop off buses has someone there to help. This nice young man directed us back across the street and told us where to catch the bus. When the bus came, he ran across the street to make sure we got on the right one. When we got to the transfer, the nice young lady made us get on the bus first.
Such overwhelming kindness all over Athens.

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