My sister had a friend who was dying from cancer. Her last wish was to see the ocean, so my sister asked me to research how she could do this. She needed a wheelchair. Another wish, was to swim with the dolphins.                                                                                          San Diego is probably one of the best cities in Calif. for accommodating those with special needs. Their zoos have special entry fees, they have wheelchairs for sand and wheelchair delivery to your hotel. Also there are many hotels right on the beach and a great promenade for anyone. If you happen to live there, they have many programs for special needs.

Here is what you can expect and experience, as someone with special needs, in San Diego.

The San Diego Zoo
The person with special needs pays to get in and their attendant/caregiver  gets free admission
If you are in a wheelchair and call ahead they will provide a staff member, free of charge, for up to 4 hours, to push you around. They can’t assist you by lifting or provide medical help, but what an amazing offer. There is also free shuttles for those with limited mobility.

There is a 12 page guide, available for people with disabilities, visiting the zoo. Get yours by clicking on link below.

The rules for the Safari Park are similar.
Entry fees are the same. Person with a disability pays and the caregiver gets in free.
Wheelchair rentals are available.
There is a shuttle service
They have sign language assistance but must call in advance
There are allowances for service animals for both parks.
Read in the following link

Going to the beach. They provide free beach/sand wheelchairs. Click on the following link for information.

Need a motorized scooter or wheelchair delivered to your hotel. Check this out by clicking link

Last, but not least. Sea World.
If you call you can also arrange a swim with the dolphins.

View of San Diego from
Coronado Island. Another wheelchair
friendly place to visit

And there you have it. I hope you get all the information you need and if not, feel free to email me.


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