It’s been a long couple months here in California.  Our little town decided to open.. We decided to appreciate them and spread our stimulus check around each store.

Once Upon A Time

This store rents small spaces to different collectors, so you never know what treasures you may find. They have dining room tables, hutches and dressers and all kinds of fun things for your home. We bought this beautiful picture.


My beauties. It’s all about freedom isn’t it. Our little town is the perfect place to find the hidden alleys and perfect little shops. Clothes, antiques, country wear, bridal shop, chalk paint store, appliances and so much more. You can get your coffee and ice cream right across the street from each other. And don’t forget about Friday night and Saturday morning Farmers Market. (due to covid they won’t be having music for awhile, but you can buy fruits and veggies)

On our way home I was searching for other open stores and guess what we found! Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Dick’s Sporting Goods

Such a fun day. It’s not about spending the money or buying things we don’t need. It’s about appreciating these stores who are trying to save their businesses. The independent shops rely on their income to make ends meet. Dicks is part of the larger stores but still needs income to not fold up and disappear.

Make sure you appreciate everyone that is working to bring back our economy. It’s not politics, it’s kindness. We are trying to spread the appreciation wherever we go. Take some little gift, a card, or just say, we appreciate you.

It’s fun to travel far and wide and we have done plenty of that. Find the treasures in your town and make some fun memories each day.

Visit Old Town Clovis to find your treasures.



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