I am a senior lady thinking about a trip, planning a trip or on a trip. I have 8 children. Four boys and 4 girls. The boys are all married and between the 4, I have 9 grandchildren. The girls all have special needs. Three of these girls are adopted. The girls are now ladies.


Three of the ladies live with me. Or I live with them. Not sure because they take good care me. They all have Down Syndrome. Life is fun, frustrating and crazy but above all interesting. We love to travel. So this blog is about travel. You will find stories, resources and tips for traveling. The tips work for everyone but the resources are directed to the special needs community.

We also love church, dancing, parks, movies and shopping. If I had my choice we would never be home, but that gets a little expensive.

Come along for the ride. It is a roller coaster life with ups and downs but it’s our life and we love it.

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