Let me take you to one of our favorite United States cities. New York is a wonderful place to visit and I am going to give you a few of our favorite things to do.

We have been to New York City 3 times. I plan out a detailed itinerary with the idea that things may change along the way. I am going to list a few places and their cost. Then I will list some ideas you can research on your own and choose which is best for you or for your family.                                                                                                                                           If you are disabled or have a disability in your family, be aware there is a lot of walking in the city. Not all subways have elevators that are convenient or any at all. You can take a city tour bus and some of the attractions will let you go in a shorter line or to the front of the line. Sometimes you just have to ask.

Just plan ahead and if you have questions I can always find the answer. Send me a comment or email.

STATUE OF LIBERTY AND ELLIS ISLAND-A must see for all visitors

You can ride the Staten Island Ferry for free and it goes by the Statue of Liberty. It does not stop. If you feel the walking and cost is too much to actually go to the island this is a good way to see it. Or you can do both.
Ellis island is something everyone should see. If you have grandparents or other relatives that came through here you can look them up and see their ship and their passenger list. You can also order these and have them sent to your home. The museum was flooded a few years ago but is now open again. Below is a link with the information you may need.
We have been here each time we went to New York. We haven’t ridden the elevator to the top but I have heard it is wonderful. We opted to do the Empire State Building instead. Do both if you can.
The Rockefeller Center has many interesting places to visit and lots of great food places. It also has bathrooms which are few and far between in New York City. There are many fun shops to explore as well. If you go in the winter make sure you check out the Ice Rink. The flags around the rink are quite impressive and we enjoy our visit here each time. It’s a good place to relax for awhile, have some lunch and sit and enjoy people watching.
We took a wonderful NBC Tour. It wasn’t available the first couple times we went so we were excited it was open. . At the end you create your own show which is recorded.
Below are the links to both Rockefeller Center and the NBC Tour
One of the other most important places is the 9/11 memorial and the Oculus and new towers on the site of Ground Zero
The memorial is heart stopping especially if you were anywhere in the world that morning. The first time I cried. The next two times I was in awe at the resilience of the New Yorker’s and the new buildings going up. An amazing tribute to America not backing down to terrorist.

The above pictures are not of the actual memorial area but of the surrounding skyscrapers going up and of the Oculus. The Oculus reminds me of Angel wings and the picture of the inside shows you how big it is.

When we were there it wasn’t finished and some of the towers were also being built. There are multiple towers either built or in progress. From ashes they shall arise.
Go and pay tribute to the ones who paid the cost that day.
This is just a small example of the things we did on our trips. Planning another one for Oct. 2020. Hope to see you there!
Some more ideas for you to research or ask me.
Times Square
Central Park and Zoo
United Nations Tour
Coney Island
The Met
Yankee Stadium
Original Macy’s
Grand Central Station
NY Public LIbrary
5th Ave Stores
Carnegie Hall
Flea Markets
New York Stock Exchange Bull
Ellen’s Stardust Diner (expensive but fun)

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